Red Bull’s Rock Diva, Becca Webster, has made a career of extreme sports on the rocks. Starting out as a professional cliff diver, as in Acapulco, and then transitioning into the insane motorsport of pro rockcrawling, she’s one of the few females that can claim world victories in two different extreme sports. The fact that she was the first female motorsports driver to be sponsored by Red Bull Energy Drink will tell you a little about her skill as a driver and as a representative of sports.

In the last 6 years, Becca has competed in over 70 rockcrawling events, has captured 6 national titles in three different classes, a World Invitational title in the Unlimited Class, and currently holds the Pro Modified silver-medal ranking in the W.E.ROCK World Championships of RockCrawling. A female competing at such a high level in two different male-dominated sports makes for a fun story so read on and learn more about Becca, the Red Bull Rock Crawling Team, and the people and companies standing behind her in her quest for adventure and adrenaline!

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