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Red Bull RockCrawling Team  -  2008 Event Report

W.E.ROCK RockCrawling in Perris, CA, round 1 of the Western Nationals

April 24, 2008 - Well, the season is off and running and luckily for us, the first competition was just north of our hometown, in Perris, CA at Ricky Johnson’s Perris Raceway.  We arrived at the event to find some insane obstacles facing the teams, including what must be the new world record for vertical drop in a 4 wheeled vehicle.  The “GRIPSTER” was the name of the drop and it was 14 feet of vertical / over vertical, landing on a 10 degree slope, which meant a very abrupt stop.  Vehicles and drivers were beat up pretty bad on that drop but the obstacle was so bad, most never even made it far enough to attempt the 20 point bonus line down the “GRIPSTER”.


The Perris event was the first run for Becca and her new spotter, Mike Berard and not only did they face a few “new team” jitters, but the incredible heat that settled on Southern California that weekend took its toll on the RockHer II, Becca’s Pro Modified crawler.  On every course, within 3 minutes of starting, the engine was already running above 240 degrees, often reaching 260.  This added great stress to the team as they worried about burning up that engine.  Somehow, that vortec v6 built by James Schofield of Blue Torch Fabworks.   The +100 degree days in April were totally out of season and unfortunately, kept crowds down at about 2200 people, versus the expected 3500.  I guess we can’t blame them though.  100 degrees in April would keep me home too!


On to the event for Becca and Mike…even with just starting to work together and the overheating, they had a decent run this weekend. Low score on two of the eight obstacles and some amazing saves on three obstacles where many people rolled, and they were looking pretty good in the standings.

Unfortunately, a blown radiator hose, due to overheating, took them out on the second most important obstacle and they lost 50 points there.  Our crew chief, Dallas Ashley, and our newest team member, Matt “ShopTeach” Peters worked furiously to replace the hose and re-fill the H2O for the next run getting the crawler ready just in time to make the start line without a penalty.  About 2/3 of the way through that next course, the RockHer just died.  Sadly enough, at that point Mike and Becca had a PERFECT run going…the only one of the day!  Apparently, when the radiator hose let go, it dumped into the alternator and shorted it out.  As we don’t run gauges for that kind of thing, we had no clue the alternator was dead and without electrical, the RockHer just won’t run.  At that point, it was obvious to the team that we were out of the points game with no chance at a podium.

A highlight though was Becca and Mike running their last course and finding themselves making it to the “GRIPSTER”. Perched atop the giant drop, Becca cinched her MasterCraft harness to the maximum and threw the Lovell T-case into front wheel drive. Shifting into second gear on the drop, she landed in a full nose-wheelie and with the throttle all of the way to the floor, trying to outrun the roll. With the History Channel, RP Films, and TrailGear TV Cameras all focused on Becca, she pulled out of the endo and got the RockHer stopped within inches of the out-of-bounds line. WHEW!!! One of four teams to complete the obstacle and they did it with the highest score! A great finish to a rough weekend.  The following shots are their final obstacle in sequence...ENJOY!

Even with the disappointment of not making the podium, we consider the trouble they faced and figure it’s not all that bad…there were 28 teams going head to head and they finished 10th…actually, the weekend doesn’t look too bad after all!!!

Now, we’re back in San Diego and enjoying the constant re-runs of the new TV Program on Outdoor Channel called OffRoad Adventures TV.  A recent episode features our team building the King Of The Hammers Race Jeep, and then doing the on-air reveal of the Desert Jewel, a Beautiful Jeep Wrangler built with many of the same parts we’re using in competition.  Check your local listings to see when it’ll replay again as it is the most popular episode to date!  Oh, and FYI, Pinned TV has opened a new website with cool video features, including their episode covering our Red Bull team when we capture the 07 Pro Rock Finals event plus winning the overall Pro Rock series title.  It’s exciting to see our team stay in the spotlight!

Finally, if you know of any companies looking to get involved in rockcrawling, we’re looking for a title sponsor for the team.  If you’ve noticed, the branding scheme of the RockHer had changed and the door and hood is now available.  Unfortunately, we’re so busy with all of the media and events, we haven’t had time for the sponsor chase.


For more on the sport, check out,, of pick up an issue of CRAWL or DirtSports Magazine...better yet, visit and pick up one of their Extremey Award winning DVD's, which our team is featured in.  Thanks to Andy Johnson and Josh England too!!!  Your photos and stories make us all look amazing!
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